Wood and loam construction for natural living by TimberTom
Mural painting and natural materials for living by TimberTom, Switzerland
Natural furniture of wood by Tom Eisenhut, TimberTom, Swiss made
Wooden lounger by TimberTom, Switzerland
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Wood construction - loam construction - natural furniture

Tom Eisenhut and his team live the arts and crafts with enthusiasm for nature. They know how to put precious natural materials in the limelight.

Their fascination for wood creates unique natural furniture made of native types of wood, individual and made-to-measure. Combined with stone, metal and glass, they create new shapes, lines and contours. So every piece of furniture is unique.

Timber Tom creates a special atmosphere with clay plaster. The fine structure gives every room vitality and warmth, the beauty of coloured earth gives every room a living climate that breathes.

Unique sculptures, wall elements and furniture segments are created from native natural and river stones.

Experience the poetry of precious natural materials - Timber Tom is looking forward to realizing your dream home together with you.

Haubenstrasse 3
3671 Herblingen
Tel: 079 221 25 38
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