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Quite flexible

The modular furniture system minicubo impresses with its quality and flexibility.

The elegant and shapely design of the aluminium frame with the refined minicubo cube offers space for an infinite number of filling variants. Decorative panels in an unlimited range of colours and surfaces, glass panels or real wood panels ensure an individual design that is precisely tailored to design needs. Whether colourful or discreet, with a minimalist smooth surface or personalised by individual milling work, minicubo offers the right look for every interior and every function.
The flexible cube design allows coordinated sizes and combinations, from wall cupboards to bedside tables, from filing cabinets to consultation counters. With drawers and various flap techniques, the system offers the functionally optimal solution in all areas of life, for offices, living rooms, shops, libraries, schools, laboratories, exhibitions and much more.

Planned and manufactured in Switzerland.


Grabackerstrasse 64
4500 Solothurn

Tel. +41 32 623 47 27
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