Moonwood bed "Klinamis" made of Swiss wood by the Ming joinery in Bremgarten
Solid wood bed from the Swiss joinery Ming, individually made of moonwood
Moonwood researcher and book author Prof. Dr. Ernst Zürcher visiting the Ming carpentry workshop

Prof. Dr. Ernst Zürcher

Beat Ming with the model of the moon wood bed, joinery in Bremgarten Switzerland

Beat Ming
Eidg. dipl. Schreinermeister

Beat Ming
Eidg. dipl. Schreinermeister

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The moonwood bed "Klinamis"

"The essential is invisible to the eye." to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This applies especially to this bed. This solid moonwood bed uses the naturally existing wood energy. One obtains a concentration of energy through a special construction (trade secret). It is then even noticeable for most people. "I know of no one who researches and works in this field of wood energy like you." Statement by Prof. Dr. Ernst Zürcher, lunar wood researcher and book author, on the occasion of a visit to the Ming carpentry.

By additionally using the right type of wood, specifically adapted to each user, this bed helps to achieve a better sleep. All the previous owners confirm this again and again with their written feedback.

Klinami's Moonwood Beds are individually manufactured from Swiss wood in the Ming joinery in Bremgarten AG.

By the way: The term "moonwood" has something to do with the date a tree was felled in a certain phase of the moon.

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