Dining or working table, handmade in Switzerland by Tisch-Schmitte
Metal furniture, custom-made in Switzerland by Tisch-Schmitte
Benche as unique pieces, handmade with metal by Tisch-Schmitte
Design metal table by Tisch-Schmitte, Switzerland
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All our products are unique pieces, handmade

The company Tisch-Schmitte specializes in custom-made tables and other metal furniture. With the highest precision we manufacture tables, chairs, benches, chests of drawers and just about any furniture you want. Tailor-made and individual.

Nothing is off the shelf with us. You bring your wishes and ideas into the planning phase and we will advise you competently and directly on their feasibility.

Metallbau Aeschbacher
Hauptstrasse 28
4577 Hessigkofen
Telefon 032 661 14 02
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