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Swiss designers present furniture, home accessories, lighting, tables, art, interior design, vintage, carpets, …
We have the solution
Responsibility for energy and environment
Just one click to an online mortgage
Live and sleep radiation-free
Quite flexible
Your partner for wool bedding, solid wood furniture, mattresses, grates, bed linen and much more...
the best swiss idea
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Passion for wood
swiss LED lighting
Heliobus® brings daylight into dark trapped rooms
The ergonomic office chair against back pain
The Swiss online carpenter
YOUR specialist for indoor climate, wine climate and wine cellar construction
moobel – loving outdoor living
Better sleep thanks to worldwide unique wood energy
The Wood Way of Life
Light for a cosy & warm ambience
DIANIT, your Swiss safe specialist since 1969
Your specialist for high-quality solid wood furniture
Simplicity reinterpreted
Naturally made to measure
We build your dream house
Your strong partner when it comes to wood!
Individual from furniture to house
Quiet nights with the best indoor air
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