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Simplicity reinterpreted

blomus stands for sophisticated, minimalist and functional design for modern living.

Since the company was founded in 1961, stainless steel has been an important material for blomus and continues to contribute significantly to its success. Today the company relies on various materials such as stoneware, cork, linen, concrete, wood and glass.

The products focus not only on aesthetics and beauty, but also on functionality - from puristic home accessories or straight-line kitchen utensils to robust garden accessories. The minimalist accessories also set great accents in the bathroom. With its collections, blomus has long since established itself in the international world of design and won various prizes.

Special highlight
Torches have been an integral part of the garden collection for many years and for good reason: stainless steel is the perfect choice of material for the modern version of the torch because it is robust, weather-resistant and therefore simply safer.

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