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Wooden bathtubs for your luxury spa

In the tranquil village of Basadingen you will discover a truly outstanding enterprise on Gemeindehausstrasse: the company ALEGNA produces wooden bathtubs and bathroom furniture in a unique process.

The company, founded at the end of the nineties, was originally active in yacht building before the owner of the company, Thomas Löpfe - a trained yacht builder - came up with the idea of producing unique wooden bathtubs and bathroom furniture.

Optimum protection against wetness

Each product from the manufactory is individually manufactured and handcrafted. The selected wood veneers are pressed together under high pressure and completely impregnated with resin. This eliminates splintering, avoids soaking up with water or unsightly signs of usage. Optimum protection and a very long life are guaranteed.

Thus, the widespread prejudice that wood is completely unsuitable as a building material for the bathroom has been eliminated. "The wooden bathtubs and bathroom furnishings give the bathroom a naturalness and warmth that conventional bathroom furniture cannot offer," say customers who already own ALEGNA products.

Gemeindehausstrasse 7
8254 Basadingen
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